About Us

Simply… We take good care of women, mothers and babies

We provide you with what you need.

You get what you look for.

The best and most up-to-date products in one platform for a truly valuable and enjoyable shopping experience.

At HiPharma there is no time to compromise, women and children are the main focus of ours, no compromise on quality and efficiency, our products have proven their values and their calibers through customer experience and market success stories.

We offer great products that women, mothers and babies need for the daily use, which adds a lot to the details of their lives, our website provides all the basic, vital and modern products that are approved and consented by the experts of trust.  

Who are we

HiPharma website was established under Paris International Company who has been working medical supplies field in the State of Kuwait’s and Arabian Gulf markets since the year 2014.

With our professionals we have developed a smart strategy in which quality is in tune with technology and deployment, goes along side by side with our network of dedicated relationships. All have profoundly established our success.

Our excellence and quality control have wisely arranged to land our products at special points of sales, not only in the State of Kuwait but in the GCC and Middle East too.

Our ambition is to digitally reach out and serve globally.

Our commitment is to make easy and smooth using our application and website.


To be the first and best online store in of personal care and health supplements for Arab region. A health and beauty hub that is in line with the needs, desires and aspirations of our customers.

Our mission

Our mission is to make your life easier, healthier and lovelier.

We do know your needs.

We pay special attention to the details, on our website and application you live a pleasant experience with a wide range of pioneering and proficient products.

We rely on our team; experts who eased the browsing and products’ reviewing, professional pharmacists and specialists with academic and practical knowledges and swift delivery and keen after-sales service center.

We offer the best and highly trusted products which we provide at competitive prices through attractive and unique offerings.

 Our message

·       To be customers’ first choice.

·       Ease, diversity and quality.

·       To be your reliable brand.

·       To exceed our customers’ expectations always.



Higher standards for personal care and health supplements.

Novel and different products responding to customers' aspirations.

Constant updating, studying, analyzing and developing.


We understand and deliver our customers' fundamental needs beyond their expectations.

We adopt a spirited perspective in the field of personal care.

Engaging the best and most brilliant calibers.

Social responsibility

Contributing to the growth and development of the communities in which we operate.


Commitment to customer’s requirements and ambitions.

We engage unique standards in products’ assortment.

Team spirit

Always working in a team spirit which reflects respectively on the provisions’ standards.