Ginil Intimate V. Wash (150ml)

KWD 5.500

Genel's intimate skin hygiene is especially beneficial for women prone to recurrent vaginitis. Respects vaginal physiological pH (4.5) and bacterial flora.

Product Information

Product Description

Tinophylla: a Latin American plant with recognized analgesic, antibacterial, antiviral and soothing properties. Helps repair epithelial cells even in the presence of micro ulcers. Spicy Oats: Oat proteins help maintain optimal hydration by creating a protective barrier that prevents water loss. Oats have been shown to relieve dry skin and the itching associated with it. VITIS VINIFER: It is a substance with a moisturizing effect that restores the skin's intimacy. Lactic acid: helps ensure the correct pH (pH 4.0-4.5) of the vaginal ecosystem to fight the proliferation of bacteria responsible for altering its balance. Pervic Acid: Helps maintain the correct acidity of the vaginal environment, facilitating the processes of conversion of vaginal glycogen to lactic aci.

how to use ?

 can be applied during any time of the day.

 Quick & easy to use can be applied by pouring a few drops onto your palm & gently massaging the external area of your vagina.

Rinse thoroughly with water after application.

It can be used even during your periods & leaves no side effects.

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